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Explainer videos are the perfect way
to grab prospects’ attention and begin the conversation
about why your company is the right choice.

Explainer videos illustrate new or complicated ideas with animations, iconography and other visual elements that are engaging, easy to understand, and memorable.

Explainers are the perfect way to break the ice with prospects if you are:

  • Launching a game-changing product
  • Entering a new market or service category
  • Reinforcing the value of your solution to new or existing customers
  • Building your brand as a trustworthy partner

Prospects get excited about your message when you deliver it with explainer videos. More than half of business executives say they look for more information when they are first introduced to a product or service via video. And including a video on website landing pages can increase conversion rates by as much as 80 percent.

There’s simply no better way to introduce yourself than with an explainer video.

Explainer videos are the perfect way
to grab prospects’ attention and begin the conversion
about why your company is the right choice.

What type of prospect responds to explainer videos?

Explainers connect with virtually any prospect, from a business executive to a consumer, who wants the big picture of how your product or service will make their lives better. Explainer videos are the ideal format for your “elevator pitch” about why a prospect should want to do business with you.

An effective explainer video focuses on two or three key points that set the foundation for your ongoing relationship with the customer.

How long should my explainer video be?

To keep viewers’ attention, your explainer video should be between 90 seconds and 3 minutes long, so keeping your message simple, clear and on-target is essential. We usually suggest an intro of no more than 15-20 seconds to introduce your brand and align your message to the audience’s needs and pain points.. Your video should then briskly move through the key points that establish your solution as the right answer.

After you have a prospect’s attention, you can follow up with a demo video that provides more details about your differentiators and “wow factors” of how your solution delivers on the claims you make in your explainer video. It’s a powerful combination.

Is my industry the right fit for an explainer video?

If you have smart customers who make informed decisions about the products and services they choose, explainer videos are a great way to say hello and get the conversation started.

At Autodemo, we have decades of experience in creating videos that specialize in software solutions and IT in these key industries.


We began life as a company in 1998 doing software demos, and we understand how buyers and sellers of business software talk about their industry. From IT infrastructure and security to data management, our producers are as agile as your development team and understand the ins and outs of software product launches and lifecycles.

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Modern healthcare solutions are about managing information to improve patient outcomes. We know how to explain the value of your innovation to prospects, whether they are hospital administrators, physicians or patients. From digital imaging systems to electronic medical records (EMR) dashboards, we get the message across.

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From corporate portfolio management to consumer banking applications, we understand that privacy, security and efficiency are top-of-mind for finance software prospects. But we also know that your explainer video needs to express these values in an engaging, convincing manner. Our producers and script writers work with your legal and compliance teams to create messaging that’s both accurate and compelling.

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Whether you’re marketing to the busy shopper, the frequent traveler, the first-time car buyer or the avid book reader, explainer videos help build excitement about your purchasing experience. We help B2C companies drive adoption of the eCommerce services, from shopping carts to consumer loyalty programs. We also can explain the value of affiliate programs and distribution systems to retailers. We’ll help you make the sale.

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If your industry isn’t listed, don’t let that stop you from reaching out! We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from a wide range of services and industries and are eager to discuss how video can help you grow your business.

How long will it take to create my explainer video?

Our streamlined production process for explainer videos typically lasts six weeks, from our team’s initial engagement with your best content experts to final delivery.

Since most explainers include animation, we create storyboards that meticulously plan out the concept and visual style of your video before we begin production. This ensures that your content is delivered on time and on budget, without costly delays or last-minute changes.

How much will my explainer video cost?

The budget for a standard-length demo video is usually about $9,000. This process includes script writing and soundtrack, as well any licensing fees or permissions and professional voice talent.

Explainer Video FAQs

Where should I publish my explainer video?

Anywhere you can find prospects who need an introduction to your company or solution is a great place to publish your explainer video. This can include website landing pages – for both SEM and outbound marketing campaigns – as well online conferences and sales presentations. We can create versions of your video content that are optimized for social media channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn. And an explainer video playing on a large screen is a great way to draw attention to your trade show booth.

How does my explainer video fit into my marketing and sales strategies?

Explainer videos typically work best in high-funnel marketing campaigns, where you are framing the viewer’s problem and illustrating the value of your solution. Explainers are also a great way to introduce your brand to new audiences, including prospects you are meeting for the first time on a field sales call.

What creative tone should I set in my explainer video?

It depends on your brand. If you present your company as friendly and informal in your other marketing content, your explainer should use visuals and voice-over that adopt that same upbeat energy. If you are a financial services firm, you probably want to be a little more reserved. Our producers will work with you to ensure that your explainer video is on-brand and to the point.

Should I include numbers and statistics in my explainer video?

Explainer videos focus on the big picture, and you don’t want to overwhelm a potential customer with too much fine detail when you first introduce yourself. However, if you can honestly say “My solution can increase your revenue by 100 percent,” by all means, brag about it. Remember, you want to make a great first impression, and highlighting “big win” numbers near the start of your explainer video can be a great way to keep viewers engaged in your key marketing messages.

Ready to grab your prospects’ attention with an explainer video? Contact us to get the conversation started.