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Fast, Easy, & Affordable Retail Marketing Video Solutions

Need to explain your cool new loyalty program? We can do that. Want to show how your app makes booking a trip super easy? We’re on it. Want a video tutorial to onboard customers faster? We’ve got that covered. Need help selling your inventory or payment processing system to retailers? We can do that, too.

Autodemo has helped B2C companies drive adoption of their eCommerce solutions for more than two decades, so we know how to create videos that instantly capture the attention of your site visitors. And that attention results in higher sales – studies show that 74% of viewers who watch a video about a product or service go on to buy it.

Video is simply the best platform for increasing sales by answering customers’ common questions and helping them complete their purchases with confidence.

Could your retail site or solution use a promotional video?

Whether helping a busy shopper, the frequent traveler, the first-time car buyer or the avid book reader, we can create an explainer or demo video that makes customers confident and comfortable with your eCommerce experience. We can help you promote any retail solution, including:

  • Shopping cart
  • Reservation & ticketing
  • Account & Customer Service management
  • Payment processing 
  • Order tracking
  • Point-of-Sale

Do I need an explainer or demo video for my retail solution?

In just two to three minutes, explainer or demo videos help customers and retailers clearly understand how your retail solution makes online purchases safe and easy.

Explainer videos

Explainers use eye-catching animations to illustrate the main value of your retail solution. Does it make the customer experience easy, smarter, or even a little fun? Does it make booking a flight or dinner reservation easier for both your customers and your staff? Does it make managing inventory or reservations more efficient? Narration, music,iconography and other engaging elements explain the benefits that prospects will enjoy when they use your solution.

Demo videos

Demos focus on the two or three “wow factors” that set your retail solution apart from the competition. Demos provide a practical illustration of your solution’s functionality and capture “the aha moment” when customers fully understand the value of your solution. They’re a great way to set yourself apart in the highly competitive retail space.

How long will it take to produce my retail solution video?

Your video project will last from four to six weeks, depending on its complexity. Our Streamlined Development Process includes interviews with your best content experts, script writing, and review of a beta version of your video. 

  • Demo videos usually take four weeks to complete. The production process includes screen motion capture sessions and multiple feedback loops to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Explainer videos typically include animation and other creative elements, so we plan for a six-week project that includes storyboards to meticulously plan out the concept and visual style of your video.

If you and your producer agree that additional or extended reviews or other steps are required for your project, we’ll build them into a realistic schedule to make sure your video is delivered on time and on budget.

How much will my retail solution video cost?

The budget for a standard-length demo video is about $6,000 dollars. Explainer videos, with their somewhat longer production cycle, including storyboards, tend to cost about $9,000. Budgets include script writing, professional voice talent, and any licensing fees.

Retail Video FAQS

If I create an explainer video, do I also need to create a demo video?

Explainers help build customer confidence in your retail solution, but you often need to take the next step and show them exactly how it makes their retail experience easier and more efficient. This is especially important if you are introducing a great new feature that sets you apart from the competition. Demos are a great way to showcase the usability and power of your solution, particularly to experienced prospects who know their way around the basics and are looking for those “wow factors” that make your solution stand out.

Can I use my retail solution video for customer training and retention?

Our explainer and demo retail videos can be used to educate your customers, both before and after the sale. Talk to your producer about your goals and we can help you decide if one video can address all your needs or if you’d get better results by creating multiple videos.

Where should I publish my explainer or demo video?

Retail videos are a great fit on any page where customers are considering a purchase – they help increase average sales per transaction and build customer loyalty. If you are marketing your solution to retailers, videos are particularly useful in early engagement with prospects. We can also create versions of your video content that’s optimized for social media channels. And an explainer or demo video playing on a large screen is a great way to draw attention to your trade show booth.

Ready to make the sale with help from an explainer or demo? Contact us and we’ll help you create a video marketing plan.

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