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In the competitive financial services industry, explainer and demo videos set your innovative solution apart.

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Clear & Insightful Finance Marketing Video Solutions

Financial services and banking customers demand websites and apps that put them in complete control of their finances, from analyzing asset allocations to paying their monthly bills. Convincing prospects that your solution will help them reach their corporate or personal goals is essential to winning and retaining business in the competitive financial services industry.

And there’s no better way to get that message across to your audience than video. An overwhelming majority of marketers, 94 percent, say that video content helps prospects better understand the value of their service or product and 84 percent of people say they have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a video.

Whether you need a user tutorial for your new wealth management tool or a promotional video showcasing your entire portfolio of online services for new account holders, you can count on Autodemo.

Video educates, informs and engages. It’s an essential part of any finance solution marketing and sales strategy.

What kinds of Finance solutions are the right fit for a promotional video?

Since 1998, banks and financial institutions have depended on Autodemo to produce videos that promote their online services and apps. We’ve created videos about virtually every aspect of finance software, including:

  • Wealth management
  • Loan application and approval
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Personal security and privacy assurance
  • Corporate risk assessment
  • Real estate investment

As well as showcases of entire portfolio management suites.

Whatever you want to promote, we have you covered.

Do I need an explainer or demo video for my finance solution?

In just two to three minutes, explainer or demo videos capture the attention of viewers, wherever they are in their decision on which finance solution is right for them.

Explainer videos

Think of explainer videos as your “elevator pitch” as you begin a conversation with potential new customers. Explainers use eye-catching animations, iconography and other visual elements to conceptualize and illustrate the value of your finance software. Explainers are the perfect vehicle for introducing your business or service to prospects.

Demo videos

Demo videos focus on the two or three “wow factors” that set your finance solution apart from the competition. Demos provide a practical illustration of your solution’s functionality and capture “the aha moment” when prospects fully understand how your finance software makes good on the claims you make in your explainer video. They are a great way to influence prospects who know they have a need and are picking between finance solution providers.

How long will it take to produce my finance solution video?

Your video project will last from four to six weeks, depending on its complexity. Our Streamlined Development Process includes interviews with your best content experts, script writing, and review of a beta version of your video.

  • Demo videos usually take four weeks to complete. Production includes screen capture sessions of your solution’s functionality, as well as multiple feedback loops to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Explainer videos typically include animation and other creative elements, so we plan for a six-week project that includes storyboards to meticulously plan out the concept and visual style of your video.

We understand that the information you present to financial services prospects often needs to be reviewed by your legal and compliance experts. If you and your producer agree that additional or extended reviews or other steps are required for your project, we’ll build them into a realistic schedule to make sure your video is delivered on time and on budget.

How much will my finance software video cost?

The budget for a standard-length demo video is about $6,000 dollars. Explainer videos, with their somewhat longer production cycle, including storyboards, tend to cost about $9,000. This budget includes scriptwriting, soundtrack, professional voice talent, and any licensing fees.

Finance Video FAQS

If I create an explainer video, do I also need to invest in a demo video?

Choosing a financial services provider is a big decision, and prospects want to make highly informed choices. It can be a good idea for our finance software customers to create both explainer and demo videos to speak to their audience, but it’s up to you. Demos are a great way to prove your case, particularly to institutional prospects who know their way around the basics and are looking for those “wow factors” that make your software stand out.

Can I use my video for customer training and retention?

Our explainer and demo videos can be used to educate your customers, both before and after the sale. Talk to your producer about your objectives, and they can recommend whether one video can address both needs or if you’d get better results by creating two targeted videos.

Where should I publish my explainer or demo video?

Publishing videos on your website dramatically increases time on site and conversion rates on landing pages. We can also create versions of your video content that’s optimized for social media channels, such as LinkedIn. And an explainer or demo video playing on a large screen is a great way to draw attention to your trade show booth.

Ready to talk about how an explainer or demo video can help your finance solutions stand out from the crowd? Contact us to get the conversation started!


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