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Demo videos showcase the “wow factors”
that make your product stand out from the crowd.

Demo videos show your solution’s most compelling features in action through the use of screen functionality, animated highlights and informative voice-overs. Demo videos educate prospects by illustrating how your solution delivers on the value it promises.

A good demo video focuses on two or three “wow factors” features, such as:

  • A powerful reporting dashboard
  • Visual data representations and modeling
  • New, streamlined workflows
  • Presence-based functions in your mobile app

Any tool, interface or capability that proves you are the best choice is the ideal focus for a demo video. 

And visual media, such a video, is simply the best platform for communicating this information. An overwhelming 94 percent of marketers say video helps users better understand their product or service. And almost four-fifths of them credit video with directly increasing sales.

Demo videos capture “the aha moment” when prospects fully understand the value of your solution. A good demo video helps build trust and confidence with your audience. And that leads to more business.

Demo videos showcase the “wow factors”
that make your product stand out from the crowd.

What type of prospect responds to demo videos?

Demo videos are great at continuing the conversation with prospects who already understand how your solution aligns to their needs and pain points. Often, these viewers have already responded positively to an explainer video that makes your “elevator pitch” – now, they want a demonstration of what makes you the best choice.

Demos can also be a compelling introduction to team managers or other purchase influencers who already use your or a competitor’s solution. These viewers have specific expectations and questions, and demo videos are the perfect way to provide the answers they need. With high-resolution, 60fps video techniques we can create crystal-clear illustrations of how your solution is the best choice.

How long should my demo video be?

Demo videos should be about 2 to 3 minutes long, with every second devoted to illustrating the benefit of a new, neat or downright compelling feature of your solution. Viewers who engage with demos have a high desire to learn more about the details, so the video can move quickly into depictions and walk-throughs of on-screen functionality without a lengthy brand- or pitch-centric introduction.

In fact, our team at Autodemo can edit screens and cursor movements to maintain a brisk pace and keep the focus on the “wow factors” you want to emphasize.

Is my industry the right fit for a demo video?

If you market to prospects who want to understand exactly how your solution can help their business, demo videos are a great way to prove the case you’ve made in an Explainer video or other high-funnel marketing content .

At Autodemo, we have extensive experience in creating videos for technology and software clients from these key industries.


From ERP to CRM to BPM, we have your TLA (three letter acronym) covered. We began life as a company in 1998 creating software demos, so we understand that your prospects demand to see your solution in action early in their purchase journey. Added a new custom dashboard or improved reporting interface? Show it off with a demo.  Learn More


Healthcare data is now just a click away, but accessing and understanding all that information can be daunting, whether the user is a physician, hospital administrator or patient. Use video to demonstrate how your solution helps improve patient outcomes. From digital imaging systems to electronic medical records (EMR) dashboards, we get the message across.  Learn More


Privacy, security and efficiency are the top priorities for users of finance solutions. But they also want to be able to quickly check the value of their portfolio and pay the monthly bills. A demo video shows how easy it is to make a trade, analyze the return on an asset, or just deposit a check with a smartphone. And our producers and scriptwriters work with your legal and compliance teams to create messaging that’s both accurate and compelling.  Learn More


Demo videos help build customer comfort and loyalty to your website or app, whether you’re marketing to the frequent traveler or a first-time car buyer. And consumer comfort means higher revenue. We also can demonstrate how your affiliate program and wholesale ordering system can help retailers make more sales.  Learn More

If you don’t see your industry in the list above, don’t worry! We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from a wide range of services and industries and are eager to discuss how video can help you grow your business. Drop us a line and we’ll discuss how we can help!

How long will it take to create my demo video?

Our Streamlined Development Process for demo videos typically lasts four weeks, from kickoff meeting to final delivery. This includes a screen capture session with your best content experts to ensure we completely understand what makes your solution stand out.

We’ve been perfecting our production process for years, and it ensures that your video is delivered on time and on budget, without costly delays or last-minute changes.

How much will my demo video cost?

The budget for a standard-length demo video is usually about $6,000. This process includes script writing and soundtrack, as well as professional voice talent and any licensing fees or permissions.

Demo Video FAQs

Where should I publish my demo video?
Demo videos convince prospects that your solution is different and better. So they are the perfect fit for website product and landing pages that target customers who already “get” your high-level value statement. Demos that show off your new UX or integration are a great way to grab the attention of knowledgeable trade show attendees. And our team at Autodemo can create versions of your demo that are optimized for social media and focus on just one “wow factor”. 

How does my demo video fit into my marketing and sales strategies?
Demo videos often work best in mid-funnel marketing campaigns, when you are differentiating your solution from the competition. Demos are a great way to reinforce the conversation you started with an Explainer video and move a prospect toward a live demonstration or sales call. They also can be an effective icebreaker for tactical purchase decision-makers and influencers, such as team managers.

Can I use my demo video for customer training and retention?
Demo videos can be used to educate your customers, both before and after the sale. We can also create a longer video that provides a comprehensive walk-through of a process, if you need a detailed training resource. Talk to your producer about your objectives, and they can recommend whether one video can address all your needs or if you’d get better results by creating multiple targeted videos.

Want to create a demo video that captures the “aha moment” that turns prospects into customers? Contact us to get the conversation started.