Autodemo Throwback Thursday: Expedia (2005)

Autodemo Throwback Thursday Heads Back to 2005

Autodemo Throwback Thursday takes us back to 2005. Expedia needed a demo video to showcase how to view your trip itinerary when you using the service. The demo begins after a consumer has booked a flight or reserved a hotel room/car/travel package. Active and past trips are stored in a specialized folder so that consumer options can be repeated or viewed for record keeping. Travel partners such as airlines, hotels and car rental companies share booking information with Expedia. That way your itinerary serves as a one-stop information hub for your trip.

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Looking back on working with Expedia

Expedia had to do much more work educating customers in 2005. Online travel booking was still in its infancy and consumers wanted answers. What this demo video achieves is showcasing the ease of consumer access to their travel plans. Such ease is highlighted with the soft spoken narration that eliminates the need for traditional travel brokers. While 11 years has allowed the face of online travel booking to change, Expedia was there at the start to make it easy for all. Autodemo is proud to have helped Expedia connect with its consumers in this demo video.

Expedia had a cutting edge approach to travel planning in 2005.

What Else Was Happening in 2005?

Autodemo Throwback Thursday is taking another trip back in time. How well do you remember 2003? Feel free to share our Top 10 Happenings of 2005 with your friends and fellow industry influencers.

10 Ways That The World Changed in 2005

  1. SBC announced in January that it would purchase AT&T for more than $16 Billion USD.
  2. Google Maps launched in February.
  3. The first YouTube video is uploaded in April.
  4. Google purchased Urchin in April.
  5. Reddit launched in June.
  6. Etsy founded on June 18th.
  7. Pandora Internet Radio goes live in August.
  8. Google acquires Android on August 17, 2005.
  9. coins the term “Cyber Monday” in November.
  10. Microsoft releases the XBOX on November 22, 2005.

Where will we go next? Autodemo will keep throwing it back every other Thursday for you.