Customer Success: inno360 Platform

What comes to mind when you think powerful cognitive analytics research platform? Some solutions are difficult to describe. That’s exactly why inno360 wanted to create a demo video to showcase their solutionso prospects could see it for themselves. When it comes to marketing that drives action, we know seeing is believing. There’s no better way to show off a cool visualization platform than through a demo video that really hits the mark.

A Sharp Focus on Clear Solutions

We wanted to call out inno360’s strengths as early as possible, so we chose to utilize a well-established sequence. Our creative team started with a short intro that focused immediately on key messaging, and we kept the content high-level. In addition, we highlighted a few of the solution’s biggest wow factors right from the start, including:

  • Search and dashboard
  • Flexible data visualization and drill down capabilities
  • Collaborative sharing and chat

With highly technical solutions, it’s important to stay objective and see the content with fresh eyes. No matter what project we’re tackling, one of our greatest strengths is that our team understands how to simplify contenteverything from a sharp script to organized screenflow to clean cursor movements as visual cuesto elevate the clarity of your messaging.

Creating a Demo for Data Analytics Software

inno360 is redefining the way businesses turn data into intelligence, and they needed a demo that clarified their offering without getting lost in the weeds. We stayed focused on the big-picture objectives of the platform’s complex cognitive analytics and visualization tools. The result: A demo that drives understanding and moves prospects through the sales funnel by showcasing a powerful solution with ease.

inno360 is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that helps users increase their product pipeline and bring products to market more efficiently. The platform uses cognitive analytics and visualization tools for comprehensive data mining and streamlining content.

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