Customer Success: MeYou Health

MeYou Health provides a convenient and customizable turnkey wellness solution for small businesses that are invested in the health of their employees. Their overview demo describes how small businesses can stay competitive with a wellness platform that’s affordable, easy to use, and engages an entire organization.


This video demo showcases the most attractive reasons small businesses should invest in MeYou Health. This includes one-click purchasing, monthly flat-rate pricing, and no setup costs or hidden fees. In just over two minutes, this overview walks small business decision makers through key features using a problem-solution format.

As a turnkey solution, one benefit is that the MeYou Health platform can be set up in as little as 15 minutes. It also offers out-of-box customization for streamlined marketing and branding. By providing employees with ways to easily track physical activity, stay active with daily health challenges, quit smoking, and make decisions that reflect their current health goals, MeYou Health helps small businesses stay competitive with larger organizations’ wellness offerings. 

Creative Process

Similarly to our other videos, this project started with a capture session between the client and a producer. Once complete, one our writers stepped in to carefully execute a script. With these pieces in place, animated design then brought it all together. Animated demo screens highlight the most pivotal elements of MeYou Health’s solution. This includes aspects like an easy setup process and a user-friendly employee portal. Branded illustrations and typeface help introduce prospective customers to keywords tied to the MeYou Health mission. Language like healthy, wellness workplace, and healthy, happy, and present highlight the core goals that MeYou Health aims to fulfill.

Why We Like This Video

With a colorful, clean logo and icons, we were able to leverage MeYou Health’s branding during transitions and callouts. We highlighted noteworthy assets like easy navigation and an affordable pricing model to catch viewers’ attention. This video positions MeYou Health as a solution for a common issue small businesses are facing. It shows how to provide health and wellness benefits in a way that engages employees while remaining cost effective. It also highlights its efficacy as a program that will make these organizations truly thrive. Finally, we like how the video presents this information by sticking to familiar pain points small businesses are facing, then offering a realistic, results-driven solution. 

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