Customer Success: Watson IoT For Electronics

We’re in the middle of a connectivity revolution, where every day new devices are added to the Internet of Things. Tech-savvy consumers have come to expect a different level of personalization and responsiveness from all of their devices—not just laptops, phones, and tablets, but the electronics and appliances they engage with on a daily basis across their homes and businesses.

Developing a Demo for Tech Evolution

As more and more electronics are developed with smart features, IBM Watson is helping companies unlock the power of data for a truly dynamic digital transformation. They needed a marketing asset that showed the value of their platform, both from the manufacturing side and the consumer side. The solution? A demo for tech evolution.

IMB Watson - Internet of Things Devices

Analytics for Every Electronic

The Watson IOT for Electronics solution serves a varied demographic. For example, L’Oreal’s production line uses their IOT sensors for quality control. IOT insights also work deep underground to improve machine operations for the engineering company Sandvik. One thing we wanted to highlight early in this demo was how the IOT platform is an ideal tool no matter what kind of smart electronic you’re connecting—from washing machines to medical devices.

Better Than Smart—Genius

In just a few quick steps, smart electronics can connect to the IOT platform for command, control, and analysis. For starters, customers get a more personalized, compelling user experience. In addition, companies gain powerful analytic capabilities and data integration through IBM Watson’s many APIs.

To show off the features of the Watson IOT for Electronics platform, we utilized a simple, modern design style with large strokes and easily recognizable icons. Then, we paired this accessible design with a clear voiceover script. In addition, we provided an overview of the platform’s most robust and versatile capabilities. Most importantly, we drove home the Watson advantage, which is not just a platform for smart electronics, but a tool for optimizing smart products to work at their most genius level.

IBM Watson Internet of Things for Electronics is reinventing the way humankind interacts with machines. Their platform harnesses the power of AI for more innovative asset management, systems engineering, and data optimization.

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