Demo Video Success: IMS Health Nexxus Marketing

IMS Health creates personalized conversations through relationship marketing, refining customer discovery, individual connections, and actionable insights. This demo health video describes how IMS Health’s Nexxus Marketing solution helps a life sciences company form closer relationships with their customers.

IMS Health Nexxus Marketing Demo Video (1:39)


IMS Health is here to enable the client to engage with the right patient at the right time with the right message. The video created by Autodemo shares insights into what leads to better lead captures and optimize marketing efforts.

Creative Process

The video uses animation to reveal the current business situation and challenges facing the market. Capture data shows visual insights from past campaigns that illustrate functionality for potential clientele. Right before the video finishes, there is a reiteration of past campaign success and shows how the results can be customized over time for buyers.

Why Autodemo Likes This Health Video

Autodemo loves this video because it shows how IMS Health generates leads and positions itself as a technology solution company. Consumer adoption is the focus as the ease of use and functionality are on display. Graphic animation and bullet pointed text of key messages keeps the messaging focused while reaffirming the solutions repeated success.

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