Video Is the Best Form of Consumer Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why is the video the best form of consumer engagement? Well, 100 million consumers watch online videos daily. In 2016, online video users doubled to 1.5 billion. 52% of these consumers will watch videos first, so that they feel confident in their potential purchases. Internet consumers are sharing videos 11% more online. But, that pales to the number of mobile video shares. Mobile video users share videos 92% of the time. Ease of access is increasing consumer engagement.

Today’s share comes from While consumers are engaged, it appears that more than half of them arrive to video via mobile devices. Mobile phones make up more than 41% of all video display devices. Plus, a tenth of worldwide video consumption happens on mobile devices and tablets. What does that mean for engagement? Well, it’s all about adaptability and knowing your audience.

If the majority of consumes are browsing video via mobile, then they demand ease of access. However, engagement only happens if you capture their attention. While Autodemo has published many blogs on that topic, the key to the infographic is that these endeavors are working. Video engagement has found the audience and they want more. The question remains for business. What can you do to make it easier for consumers to find your videos?

Video Is the Best Form of Consumer Engagement, infographic