Empirix Case Study

“The demo has been a valuable sales tool. We encourage all our salespeople to have their prospects visit our site to view the demo.” —Empirix



Empirix needed a compelling online sales tool to make prospects familiar with the capabilities of its e-TEST suite web-testing application, a sales tool that would send download numbers through the roof.

Their marketing efforts focused on increasing the number of times their software was downloaded from their site. They wanted a streaming solution that gave prospects a comprehensive overview of the software and encouraged people to download e-TEST suite from their website.

The number of e-TEST suite downloads per week would have to increase dramatically for the sales tool to be a success.

Solution: Give prospects a true-to-life example of how e-TEST suite could make their work easier.

To illustrate the effectiveness of e-TEST suite, Autodemo created an instantly streaming, scenario-based demo that tested a fictitious web-based stock trading application to ensure it met functionality and performance requirements. Throughout this “real world” example, Empirix prospects and existing customers could clearly see how the product tests the quality, scalability and reliability of web-based applications.

Also, Autodemo integrated a “Call to Action” page into the demo to give viewers more options for moving forward in the sales cycle. From the demo, prospects could link straight to the Empirix download page to download the software, email an Empirix sales representative or request more information.

Result: Several hundred downloads each week from prospects viewing the demo online.

The e-TEST suite demo was viewed by several hundred people each week after it was posted to the website, and approximately 10 percent of demo viewers downloaded the product immediately after watching the demo.

“The demo has been a valuable sales tool to get people familiar with what e-TEST can do for them and to get them to download and try it out,” says Joe Fernandes, Empirix product manager for the Web Application Test Group.

About: Empirix

Empirix provides Fortune 1000 enterprises, e-businesses and equipment developers with testing and monitoring solutions that guarantee top performance. Empirix solutions ensure the reliability and performance of a wide array of technologies, including web, voice, VoIP, contact center applications, middleware and wireless communications.

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