Explaining Healthcare with Video

Healthcare in the United States is more complex than ever before. The mountain of data available at a provider’s fingertips is understandably intimidating. One challenge is collecting, connecting, and deciphering all of this data and making it available to professionals who can use it. Another challenge is educating those providers on the tools and applications available so that they can better serve their patients. As a solutions provider, you need a simple way to explain a complicated topic. That’s where healthcare explainer videos come in.

Solutions-Oriented Healthcare Explainer Videos

One company that utilizes video to explain not only what they do, but how it helps their prospects, is Availity. Their videos are interesting and engaging, without being overly detailed or complicated. They convey how Availity understands the urgency involved in the healthcare landscape. Their clients can relate to the solution that Availity provides.

Another example is Quest Diagnostics. Quest’s videos simply explain what they offer, not in a jargon-laden fashion, but in a solutions-oriented narrative. Their clients can determine, in about three short minutes, whether Quest can offer something they need.

Making ‘Big Data’ Digestible

The term ‘big data’ in healthcare is top of mind for everyone, from patients, to providers, to solution architects. If your company helps aggregate big data for your clients, explaining this information to new clients can be complicated. Even those in healthcare who know the industry well may not understand how you can help them. Creating simple explainer videos lays the groundwork of the basics for them. Your videos should impress upon them how you can solve their problem, whether the problem is data aggregation, time constraints, research, or escalating costs.

While numbers and statistics are easy to gather and maintain, the healthcare industry also collects lifestyle data, which is difficult to capture, and even more difficult to utilize. If your company specializes in analyzing this data, an explainer video can help educate your prospects about how best to interpret this information. They might not be interested in the details of programming and analysis, but a video lets you explain to them the benefits of partnering with you.

Are you a healthcare solutions company searching for ways to connect with your prospects? A video series is the way to build that connection. Contact us. We can answer your questions, no matter how simple or complicated they might seem to you. It’s our job to simplify healthcare explainer video production for you, just as it’s your job to simplify healthcare for your clients.