Video vs. Text: The Proof is in the Numbers

50% of consumers visiting a site with product video remembers what they saw over text engagement. The traditional way of having product descriptions only enjoys a 22% engagement rate. Independent studies have confirmed that since the winter of 2011, video engagement has increased 9x while text has gone obsolete. Now, there are number of businesses that might argue that text based sites are getting the job done. That’s why there is an infographic to prove that the customer engagement numbers show that video has already won.

Today’s share comes from Bubobox. The proof is in the numbers, as 60% of consumers simply prefer video over text content. Why shouldn’t they prefer it? Over 90% of shoppers find video helpful in making purchase decisions. Video is easier to share on social media and to browse on a mobile device. If your business is enticing a corporate influencer on the go, nobody wants to do the iPhone screen pinch to make your text bigger. They’re going to click that X at the top of the screen and move on.

Online video is cost-effective to produce for the value it generates for your business. The focus on immediacy and the ability to share will make anything you produce have the potential to go viral. No one shares text online when it comes to consumer purchase decisions. Brand recognition only comes with the pervasive presence of video and it’s time to engage that concept in your marketing plan. Text can’t educate, advocate or demonstrate your product or service. Those bounce rates don’t lie. Video makes consumers stay and profits rise. Autodemo is full of informative blogs and great videos that further build on today’s topic.

While the discussion of the subject matter was brief, browse the infographic and begin considering how the information applies to your business. If you’d like to discuss what Autodemo can do to help, feel free to contact us.

Video vs. Text: The Proof is in the Numbers, infographic