Customer Success: Blue Ridge

Can you predict the future? Blue Ridge can. Their supply chain cloud solution helps suppliers use real-time data to kick the habit of being reactive and become proactive instead. They needed an explainer video that showed the power of their forecasting capabilities, but first they had to clarify one of the biggest problems facing retailers today.

Problem: Meet Solution

The most successful way to engage prospects with Blue Ridge’s solution was to connect them early on with a common pain point: buying too much, too late. The explainer video points out that it’s difficult for any retail operation to successfully forecast supply and demand when looking in a rearview mirror.

That’s where Blue Ridge’s supply chain solution comes in. It facilitates certainty, speed, and assurance to better forecast customer demand and improve ROI.

Relatable, Engaging Design

In this explainer video, 2D graphics draw in the viewer with familiar scenes of a busy retail location and supply warehouse. At first, the store is sold out of a popular “it” item. After that, the store is overflowing with a surplus that’s no longer in demand. In both instances, consumers’ needs aren’t being met. So, what’s a busy retailer to do?

As these scenes unfold, a professional voiceover pairs well with the bright, crisp look of the animated characters. Most importantly, the situation unfolds in a way that’s relatable and engaging for prospects.

Digging into the Solution

After clearly establishing the pain point, the video “reveals” the solution with a clear transition at 0:45. To keep everything flowing, there’s design continuity between the front and back halves of the video. For instance, we  included animated demo screens that highlight the solution’s data capabilities and ease of use. Likewise, a colorful product screen fits the video’s overall color palette and aesthetic.

As a result, by the end of the explainer prospects are able to see how they can put the power of precise, transaction-level data to use for customer demands before they happen.

The Blue Ridge cloud-native supply chain solution helps retailers and distributors plan for changes in customer demand. Learn how Blue Ridge is using the power of data to create a more foreseeable future.

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