Extending the Full Power of Your Brand to Video

A strong brand touches everything your business does, from the language in your marketing emails to your building’s interior design. At Autodemo, we understand how to make sure videos follow branding guidelines to the letter. We know consistent branding is critical to positioning an organization, and that’s why it’s a core component of our video creation process

In the years we’ve spent making our process efficient and effective, we’ve grown adept at digesting unique branding guidelines for organizations. This is true even for companies with strict and exacting requirements. In addition, our creative partnership is fluid when it needs to be. That means we also know when to seek feedback during the design phase or when it’s the right moment to push branding boundaries.

In fact, we’ve completed so many projects with large companies that we’re skilled at learning how to best leverage internal branding teams to gain approval without slowing development. For smaller businesses, we’re experienced in solidifying brand elements for a cohesive message. As a result, we partner with organizations for branded video creation that fits seamlessly within a larger marketing effort.

Your Dedicated Brand Advocates

Our experienced team of producers, scriptwriters, and designers work together as your most trusted partner in brand advocacy. To start, we meet with your team to understand your demo or explainer video goals. As we move with you through our streamlined process, our team pores over your guidelines and style guide. Consequently, we’re able to ensure that every font, color, and line of script fits your brand. 

When you work with us, we become your video brand ambassador. 

In fact, some of our clients ask our staff attend brand writing and design workshops before starting the video creation process, and we’re always happy to do this. 

Avoid These Common Branding Mistakes

When we work on explainer and demo videos with our clients, we sometimes see branding missteps. If you’re wondering how to make sure videos follow branding guidelines, take a look at our list:

3 Most Common Branding Mistakes

  1. Inconsistencies with fonts and colors. We always want the fonts, colors, and design elements we select to have a cohesive look and feel. That being said, the overall aesthetic should fit within the existing parameters of a company’s brand. This includes the font we choose for on-screen text, the color of text and animation, and the overall design style.
  2. Subject matter within stock photographs. A business’s iconography is a critical part of the way they present themselves to their audience. To that end, our team works to make sure stock photo and video footage, as well as animation style, fits your brand.
  3. Logo padding or backgrounds. This may seem like a small detail, but we want all elements of the logo, down to the background colors and padding, to match an organization’s brand standards. We’re attentive to these elements when working on an explainer or demo video’s design phase.

An Extension of Your Team

Certainly, we’re here in service of our clients, and we listen to what you want. However, part of producing high-quality work can mean acting as a second set of eyes when it comes to brand cohesion. Occasionally, an organization’s point of contact for a project may not be as knowledgeable as they should be about brand standards. We understand that large companies in particular count on vendors like us to act as “brand police.” This helps keep all communications and materials—including videos—within their strict guidelines.

Last month, for example, a project lead with one of our clients asked us to change the font color of some on-screen text. Not a big deal, right? The change was aesthetically pleasing, so the ask made sense from that standpoint. Because we knew it didn’t fit within the organization’s brand guidelines, after we made the change, we were sure to document it for attention during the review process. A week later when we delivered the beta to the branding team for review, the client said they liked the tweak and gave their approval for the different font color. That’s a win-win for everyone involved, and, most importantly to us, it helped keep the development process moving along smoothly. 

Wondering about how to make sure videos follow branding guidelines? Our entire team is working in service of your brand vision. We’ve spent years perfecting our video creation process, ready to see for yourself what the Autodemo experience is like? If you have an explainer or demo video project in mind, let’s talk about it.