Ready for These Fall B2B Software Trade Shows?

Technology has made it easier than ever to interact with a client or prospect even when they’re half a world away, but no amount of video conferencing capabilities can truly replace the value of a live face-to-face meeting. For this reason, trade shows remain one of the best ways to connect with your market. 

Trade shows and industry conferences offer an opportunity to engage more meaningfully with the right audience. In addition, they provide critical lead generation potential and a chance to solidify your brand presence. Trade shows are an ideal space to offer a live demo, play a looped demo video designed specifically for an event, and share specific information while forging in-person connections. 

If a strong trade show presence is on your to-do list for the year, we put together a roundup of some of the top B2B software trade shows in fall 2019. Take a look below to learn more:

Top B2B Software Trade Shows in Fall 2019

  • MarTech East Conference Boston, MA: September 16-18 
    • Early registration: until August 17
  • Disaster Recovery Journal Fall Conference Phoenix, AZ: September 29 – October 2
    • Early registration: until July 31
  • Starwest Conference Anaheim, CA: September 29 – October 4
    • Super early-bird registration: until August 2
  • Association for Financial Professionals Conference Boston, MA: October 20-23
    • Standard registration: Until September 20
  • Dreamforce 19 Conference  San Francisco, CA: November 19-22
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MarTech East Conference

As marketing and technology become increasingly intertwined, it’s critical to stay at the forefront of marketing in the digital age. At this fall’s MarTech Conference, you’ll “connect with a thriving community of senior-level marketers while participating in an expertly-crafted program loaded with creative, real-world, vendor-agnostic solutions and actionable tactics for sticky marketing challenges.” Learn how to say goodbye to random acts of marketing by adopting the tools and technology driving today’s digital marketing strategy.
Learn more here.

Disaster Recovery Journal Fall Conference

At this year’s DRJ Fall Conference, attendees will focus on innovations in managing risk and resiliency. For example, you’ll “learn about the tools, build the connections, and receive the education you need to ensure your business is prepared for any situation.” Attendees will gain confidence in ways they can reduce downtime, protect data integrity, and, most importantly, ensure workplace safety. Take a deeper dive and learn from leading industry experts at this event. After all, you can’t be too prepared when it comes to risk management.
Learn more here.

Starwest Conference

With over 100 learning and networking opportunities for attendees, Starwest remains a top conference for software innovators. In fact, Starwest is “one of the longest-running and most respected conferences on software testing and quality assurance.” While in Anaheim for this event, you’ll have a chance to learn about testing in DevOps, test transformation, agile testing, test automation, test strategy, test leadership, test monitoring, security testing, and more.
Learn more here.

Association for Financial Professionals Conference 

At this conference, you’ll find 7,000 treasury and finance professionals working together to move finance forward. Experience more than 100 engaging educational sessions, 20+ hours of networking, and over 240 solution providers. In other words, prepare to transform your finance or treasury career and organization by gaining valuable insights about new ideas, new methods, and new technology impacting the finance industry.
Learn more here.

Dreamforce 19 Conference

At the largest software conference in the world, you’ll “develop new skills, elevate your career, and get your daily megadose of Trailblazer inspiration.” At this highly anticipated yearly event from Salesforce, plan to enjoy over 2,700 sessions covering every role and industry while hearing from the world’s most innovative minds. There’s a strong chance you’ll leave feeling inspired, excited, motivated, and counting down to next year’s event.
Learn more here.

Preparing Demo Videos for Your Upcoming Trade Show

There’s no shortage of competition as an exhibitor at an industry trade show or conference. You may have only a few seconds to attract the attention of someone walking by. With a demo video created specifically for your next event, you can quickly and easily communicate the value and function of your solution. Most significantly, you’ll do so in a way that’s eye-catching, engaging, and clear, even without a voiceover element. 

A voiceless demo video relies on catchy music, on-screen text, and visual elements to connect with viewers. As a result, it’s perfect for trade shows, conferences, and kiosk displays. For instance, here’s an example of a successful trade-show style demo we created for Fujifilm.

Our streamlined development process makes it easy to tailor a demo video to your next conference or trade show. Ready to take the next steps? Get in touch.

If you’re looking for more trade show marketing tips, take a look at our list of tips before your next event.