Video Animation Design Trends to Watch in 2020

Animated marketing continues to be called out as a key engagement driver for brands, helping to accelerate interest or boost lead capture when used strategically within a sales funnel. Of course, to maximize your ROI, animated video content should stand out in a crowded field of ideas and competitors. 

Animation and digital graphics continue to evolve at a rapid pace. This makes it important to understand the current developments and trends for animated product demo videos and other B2B video assets. By keeping a pulse on the latest design styles, you can take advantage of the most effective approach for your campaign (or you can always let the experts do it for you 😉). 

Here are a few of the design trends for animated product demo videos we’re paying attention to in the new year:

  1. Animated logos and other moving text
  2. Elements of depth illusion, a mix of 2D and 3D styles, and parallax effects
  3. Linear animations that help create on-screen connections

Animated Text and Logos

Think beyond moving text simply for the sake of motion. Instead, use animated text (or kinetic typography, if you’re looking for the technical term) as a way to further communicate with viewers. 

Since 85% of people consume videos on social media without sound, a voiceover doesn’t always have the impact you need. Animated text that calls out the most critical elements of your solution ensure the message gets across no matter how someone is watching. These benefits can come in handy in other environments, too, like at a trade show or other event where there’s limited ability to hear your video.

Large moving text is also a great way to capture attention for mobile viewers. The visual impact can be show-shopping for users who are on a smaller screen or scrolling quickly through a social media feed. In addition, this element presents a chance to surprise viewers who may be used to seeing static subtitles and captions on mobile videos. 

See how we did this in our explainer video for Wellthie, a national small group benefits marketplace: 

Compare the Wellthie logo animation with this one we created for Lucina

Both evoke an entirely different tone for the viewer, but each meaningfully represents its respective brand.

Parallax Effects and Depth Illusion

Parallax animation effects can bring one of the biggest wow-factors to explainer and demo videos. (You may recognize the effect from the popularity of parallax scrolling on many websites, which is having a moment.) The technique involves moving background and foreground images at different speeds to create the illusion of depth. This trick of the eye creates a more immersive viewing experience even with a 2D scene.

We’re also seeing an increase of another depth illusion element—the blending of stock video footage with animation. Most significantly, this collage-like style can use 3D  content overlaid with 2D animation to leverage brand style and personality. It’s also useful for visually breaking down more complex topics or ideas in a fresh way. 

When used judiciously, parallax effects and other element that play with depth and dimension can help improve the stickiness of your video and keep viewers watching longer. 

In addition, you can also use parallax effects to communicate a particular message. For example, this style could visually enact the reveal of a new concept by moving an element into view, or it could show common pain points for a target market quite literally falling away from the screen. 

Linear Design Elements

Linear design elements are useful as part of a broader design philosophy that creates an enjoyable and engaging viewing experience. When these elements include some level of animation, they can act as guideposts to the viewer. In turn, this helps them know where to focus their attention or when to be ready for the next message. 

In fact, a great way to think of this feature is as a mini, animated call to action. Animated linear designs clearly move the viewer toward the next idea—and their next step. 

Final Thoughts on Animated Design Trends

The specific stylistic elements incorporated into your explainer or demo video help tell the story of your product or solution. For the best results, animated design features should be strategic and meaningful, just like any other elements of your brand. A fresh approach to design will leave a memorable impression on viewers. This means means they’ll be looking forward to the next video, too. 

Interested in working a few of these design elements into your next animated product demo video or explainer video project? Let’s connect.