Customer Success: (ISC)² Recruitment

Explainer videos can be an ideal tool for showing off a product or service, but what about an entire organization? (ISC)² came to us with a unique objective: help them create a recruitment explainer video to attract top talent in a tight labor market. Our producers, writers, and designers worked closely with the (ISC)² team to show exactly what makes this cyber company such a great place to work.

ISC recruitment explainer video - a great place to work

A Recruitment Explainer Video with a Mission

(ISC)² is the world’s largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals. They’re on a mission to strengthen the information security industry through ongoing advocacy, education, and training. In creating this recruitment explainer video, we were on a mission too: drive home the company’s meaningful work and employee-focused culture—in about a minute-long video.

Company Culture—by Design

While putting together this explainer video, we made thoughtful design choices to drive home important elements of (ISC)²’s company culture. We wanted to be sure to highlight the organization as a tightknit community with a passion for people. For example, we used an eclectic, hip set of animated characters to showcase (ISC)²’s commitment to equal opportunity, diversity, and dynamic growth. We also made a point to communicate company pride and the organization’s emphasis on core values like integrity, unity, and accountability

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(ISC)² has been shaping the information security profession since 1989. Their vision is to inspire a safe and secure cyber world. Now serving more than 140,000 certified members, (ISC)² continues to empower professionals across the entire information security industry.

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