High Frame Rate Videos

It was almost two decades ago when Autodemo first began producing demo videos for our clients. Although we were cutting-edge back then (as we are now), we were limited by technology when it came to creating the best viewer experience possible. Happily, technology has vastly improved and we now use high resolution, such as 1080p, and high frame rate videos to create a fantastic-looking videos.

So, what is a High Frame Rate Video?

If you play video games, you know about high frame rates. But for the non-gamers among us, here’s a quick explanation:

Videos are made up of pictures/frames in sequence. The more frames per second (fps) the better. The video quality is smooth, with less “stuttering.” Years ago, Autodemo could only use 12fps. Even a modest increase to 30fps produced much higher quality videos. 60fps is currently the gold standard.

Here’s an example to illustrate the difference between 60fps (top ball) and 30fps (bottom ball). As you can see, 60fps looks much  smoother. You can see the uneven, “jerky” motion of the ball on the bottom.

High frame rate videos 3D animation

Autodemo builds many of its client videos in 60fps. This means your product video or solution demo will look as smooth as possible. If you’d like to learn more about High Frame Rate Videos or see more video examples, please visit our page dedicated to the topic.

On a side note, Google is getting serious about high frame rate video. High frame rates became available for standard YouTube uploads in October. Now, the YouTube apps on Android and iOS can stream in 60 frames-per-second HD quality.