Scheduling Demo Videos Destroys Conversion Rates?

The average B2B sales team has workable conversion rates, but they need demo videos to achieve more. Autodemo is the Explainer and Demo Video Leader, but even our company sees videos not being well implemented into marketing plans. What’s a company to do? Well, we suggest that businesses understand what it means to have a client-aware marketing plan. If you can plan videos around on client needs, then you can achieve conversion rate perfection.

A demo video is a time commitment. When you plan out your posting of a demo video, it has to make sense in relation to what your clients want to experience. Think of your demo video as a conversation with a client. You need to demonstrate that your product or service is worthy of their time. According to Kissmetrics, a demo video can increase conversions by 85%. But, what makes a demo video create successful client conversions?

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Scheduling a demo video can feel like a war. When you schedule a video, think about what your words trigger. What’s the difference between asking a consumer to do something rather than forcibly directing them? While that sounds pushy, the longer you take to achieve a successful call to action, the more your conversion rate declines. That is unacceptable and it stops when your business takes action.

Do you even know who the decision maker is for your video marketing plan? Some companies let the head of marketing choose the schedule, while others defer to the CEO. Guess what? It doesn’t matter to the average consumer browsing corporate Internet sites. Each prospective consumer comes to a demo video with their own questions and your demo video must engage them. Their personal experience and not your sales pitch dictates what they find in your videos.

If you wish to learn more about how to improve your demo video scheduling, observe the Call to Action experiment at The Daily Egg. When you see how they sent 50% of their traffic to the “schedule a demo” page, and 50% to the “5-minute demo video”; your business will begin to rethink how they approach everything from schedule to implementation of videos.

But, when it comes to demo videos, make sure to visit Autodemo’s Demo Video Portfolio. It’s one thing to know how to schedule a video, it’s another thing to know what it takes to make a successful demo video. Visit Autodemo and take a look at what we have to offer your business marketing plan.

Special thanks to our friends over at CrazyEgg’s The Daily Egg for today’s topic!