Staying in Front of Your Prospects

Finding reasons to stay in front of your prospects is paramount to building brand awareness. However, it’s a fine line between educating and haranguing. You need a good reason if you’re going to send your prospects an email once a week. As customers ourselves, we hate being inundated with a barrage of unsolicited junk mail (both the paper and electronic varieties), so build your marketing plan with your prospects in mind. What would you want if you were your potential customer?

Be Memorable and Accessible

While we, as customers, hate receiving spam, we actively search for new businesses and products every day. So perhaps a smarter strategy is to be easy to find and easily remembered. Social media posts and YouTube videos are easy ways to showcase your product/service, and are also easy to find when googled.

For example, Cross Jeep in Louisville, Kentucky promotes their inventory and stays in touch with prospects by releasing a “Jeep of the Week” video. The videos are current, so potential buyers have the latest information right in front of them. They’re also short, giving the best details about the Jeep, so as not to monopolize the prospect’s time. How does this translate to your industry? What about a weekly series, such as “Feature Friday” videos, where you promote a single aspect of your solution in a short video series? Prospects can easily digest a two-minute video covering a single topic.

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Relevant Marketing Videos

Videos are a great way to attract viewers, generate buzz, and drive traffic. If your video is relevant to your target audience, you will turn up in search results from that audience. Prospects will see your content more frequently, which in turn builds brand awareness. Once they make the next move to shop, they will gravitate toward your business because they are already familiar with your brand. They are comfortable because they’ve seen you and your product/service in action via the videos you’ve released.

Conversely, another option is to create a non-topic video (comical, inspiring, etc.) to gain a viewer’s attention, and then guide them to your business. The purpose of the video is to serve as more of an attention-getting device. Perhaps pepper it with some industry-related inside jokes or parodies that poke fun at common issues in your field. People are bombarded with marketing all day every day, so they will probably appreciate a good laugh. Granted, the goal is to build the awareness bridge between your prospects and your business, so don’t stray too far off topic.

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